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The Cincinnati Dream Center (CDC) is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to helping those in the City of Cincinnati as well as the surrounding suburbs including the communities of Northern Kentucky. The CDC is looking to reach individuals caught up in corrupt living, crime, drugs, alcoholism, gangs, homelessness, poverty, abusive relationships, enslavement, and helplessness – those who are without a hope and have lost their dreams for the future.  They wish to extend help to families, children, teens, men, and women of all ages, races, and cultures.  Our vision is to provide hope and to show love in a very tangible way to those with emotional, physical, and spiritual needs by helping them to achieve self-sufficiency in all aspects of life which will serve as a launching pad to propel them to reach their potentials, become leaders, and accomplish their dreams.

“Feed a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime. We don’t want to be a bandaid; we want to be a solution. We want to go to the people who have stopped dreaming and love them, serve them, and take them in. We are going to equip them, empower them, and send them out changed forever. We want to see them dream bigger than before and help them fulfill those dreams.” (Brian Hall, President and Lead Pastor)

The CDC is modeled after several organizations with histories of excellence including over 200 Dream Centers around the world, Pacific Gardens in Chicago, and SafeHouse Outreach in Atlanta. The incredible vision includes 5,000 sleeping units (including family units), job corps, schools, food buses, medical buses/clinic, greenhouses, a human trafficking shelter, counseling, programs to help individuals struggling with life-controlling addictions, project prevention (providing supplies to families that are at risk of losing their children to foster care as a direct result of poverty), an adoption agency, a community fitness center, and much more. Their aim is to provide food, clothing, shelter, life rehabilitation, educational opportunities, job training, etc., through various services to bring restoration to the broken. The CDC is a consolidated, “one stop and stay” university with departments for these various outreaches and services.

Only through continual prayer and support from people locally and all over the world will the Cincinnati Dream Center be able to accomplish the responsibility of carrying out this great commission. While beginning the capitol campaign and meeting with various organizations, foundations, and key executives from corporations to build partnerships, the CDC has been taking steps forward to accomplish these goals through actions. The Cincinnati Dream Center will work to partner and network with already established local outreach programs, non-profit organizations, foundations, as well as individuals, already working within the city.

“It’s all about truly loving people – going beyond words to step up and act, believing in people and taking the time to build a sincere relationship with them by being a part of their lives consistently to the point that they become an extension of your own family.” (Amy Albert, Director of Operations)



Brian Hall

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